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application schemas to modelling software

Alberto Henche
1206 days ago


I am trying to create a new inspire spatial database from scratch using the application schemas downloaded fromhttp://inspire.ec.europa.eu/index.cfm/pageid/2/list/datamodels

I would like to import this xmi or xsd files into any open source modelling software like Eclipse or similar.

Has anybody in the group experience with this task?

Thanks in advance



Michael Lutz
1194 days ago

Dear Alberto,

if you are after creating DB schemas directly from the UML, I suggest you have a look at the outcomes of the recently held workshop on "DATA MODELLING AND MODEL DRIVEN IMPLEMENTATION OF DATA DISTRIBUTION" (http://www.eurosdr.net/workshops/eurosdragileogcjrcelf-workshop-%E2%80%98data-modelling-and-model-driven-implementation-data) whose presentations and outcomes should become available soon.

Tools that may be relevant include:

If you would like to import the target XML schemas into an ETL tool to do a transformation, you may try out HALE (http://www.esdi-community.eu/projects/hale), FME (http://www.safe.com/) or GeoKettle (http://www.spatialytics.org/projects/geokettle/)