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Non-Official Spatial Data Services Consolidated Regulations

August 25, 2015 by Marc Leobet   Comments (1)

Working with Spatial data services (SDS) regulations is a nightmare as they change the Network services 's and the data specifications's regulations in multiple places.
So I created a non-official mashup of Regulation 1312/2014 and 1089/2010 to get a full  Regulation 1089-2010 consolidated with SDS
And a mashup of Regulation 1311/2014 and 976/2009 to get a full Regulation 976-2009 network services consolidated with SDS
Hope it helps.
Travailler sur les reèglements relatifs aux... Read full post

#Europe4X4: Let's change gear!

March 9, 2015 by max   Comments (0)

University of Siena and JRC launch survey: #Europe4X4
Give your view on 4 key topics for Europe's future http://tinyurl.com/pu9nrrl or tweet one of the # below. Thinking to 2030, are you optimist or pessimist on quality environment, inequalities, privacy and jobs?
#EUenvironmentoptimist - #EUenvironmentpessimist #EUlessinequalityoptimist - #EUlessinequalitypessimist #EUprivacyoptimist – #Euprivacypessimist #EUworkoptimist – #EUworkpessimist

Call for Book Chapters by IGI Global - Dr. Avraam Mavridis

August 1, 2014 by Dr. Avraam Mavridis   Comments (0)

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You could find here:
the topics of the open Call for Book Chapters by IGI Global with the title :
"Integration of Geographic Information Systems into Agro-Environmental Sustainability".
This book is going to strengthen the potential dynamics derived by the combination of Geospatial Technologies, especially in relation with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with issues of... Read full post

INSPIRE Metadata for Dummies, the French guidelines for metadata are in English

June 13, 2014 by Marc Leobet   Comments (2)

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I was surprised, last year, by the success of our "INSPIRE for Dummies". So I decided to translate the new version of our Technical Guidelines for Metadata, edited in December 2013, in English. It was updated after the feedbacks from the Regional SDI, and, I hope, clearer and simpler to use.
I add a "Warning from the translator : this is a rough translation from a document established by the French national coordination structure. I am not Kenneth White1, and I have choosen to share fast... Read full post

Wikipedia: Sistema informativo territoriale

July 8, 2013 by Piergiorgio   Comments (0)

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Sono stato selezionato per partecipare al Workshop Wikipedia-Inarcommunity per sviluppare la voce di Wikipedia: Sistema informativo territoriale.
Il mio interesse su questo tema/voce è dovuto al fatto che per professione mi occupo appunto di quello che viene descritto in questa voce e mi ritengo chiamato a diventare uno dei suoi curatori.
Diverse volte ho iniziato a introdurre qualche modifica, ma spesso ho incontrato difficoltà nel produrre dei testi compatibili con... Read full post

SuperCAT The Way to Open Geospatial Services

January 18, 2013 by kcharvat   Comments (0)

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Full article you can read on http://www.habitats.cz/supercat
Are you interested in SDI interoperability? Do you want to support open access to geospatial services? Is your interest to make existing OGC services more accessible?
We would like to support voluntary SDI initiatives by our catalogue service SuperCat.  Try the new global geospatial catalogue at:
or at:
or integrate our CSW into your... Read full post

Habitats moderated discussion

January 17, 2013 by kcharvat   Comments (0)

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seis, gmes, inspire, geoss

During Tuesday 22nd of February I am planning three moderated discussions of HABITATS social network. I would like invite you to join our social network and participate on our discussions. I would like discuss three themes related to HABITATS and its future. The selected themes are: Future of SDI http://inspiredhabitats.ning.com/group/habitatstechnologygroup/forum/topics/future-of-sdi INSPIRE, GEOSS, GMES versus VGI and Neogeography... Read full post

AGILE/EuroSDR/OGC Persistent Testbed (PTB) - Authenticated Access to European Spatial Data Sets - Call for Participation for Phase 3 now published

June 11, 2012 by Johannes Brauner   Comments (0)

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The Call for Participation for PTB Phase 3 ("Authenticated Access to European Spatial Data Sets") is now open. Please find it at:
Please consider taking part in PTB Phase 3. We appreciate any further spreading of the call to your peers.
We are looking forward to your proposals.
The PTB management board
Mike Jackson for AGILE, Lars Bernard for EuroSDR, Chris Higgins for OGC and Johannes Brauner... Read full post

French Technical Guidelines on Metadata of spatial data sets

January 19, 2012 by Marc Leobet   Comments (0)

As I said in the previous note, we have worked on French recommandations about datasets's Metadata. The first issue was the gap between INSPIRE's rules and ISO 19115. Working under the French INSPIRE structure of coordination's umbrella (ie. the CNIG),  with users from various public authorities and some very sharp experts (one was strongly involve in EC Technical guidelines), we tried build a bridge linking legal bank and standard's one.
We have produced recommandations towards software... Read full post

Consultation on the draft of French technical guideline for metadata

October 5, 2011 by Marc Leobet   Comments (0)

During a presentation in Edimburgh, I said that we were producing recommandations for spatial data managers to escape from traps of misunderstanding and I exposed  a regret : it would be better to work with other State members but time is lacking.At least we will try to share it with the others stake holders, specially French speaking ones. So I am happy to announce the launch of a consultation on the draft of our national technical guideline for metadata.
You will find detailled... Read full post