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Non-Official Spatial Data Services Consolidated Regulations

August 25, 2015 by Marc Leobet   Comments (1)

Working with Spatial data services (SDS) regulations is a nightmare as they change the Network services 's and the data specifications's regulations in multiple places.
So I created a non-official mashup of Regulation 1312/2014 and 1089/2010 to get a full  Regulation 1089-2010 consolidated with SDS
And a mashup of Regulation 1311/2014 and 976/2009 to get a full Regulation 976-2009 network services consolidated with SDS
Hope it helps.
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INSPIRE Metadata for Dummies, the French guidelines for metadata are in English

June 13, 2014 by Marc Leobet   Comments (2)

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I was surprised, last year, by the success of our "INSPIRE for Dummies". So I decided to translate the new version of our Technical Guidelines for Metadata, edited in December 2013, in English. It was updated after the feedbacks from the Regional SDI, and, I hope, clearer and simpler to use.
I add a "Warning from the translator : this is a rough translation from a document established by the French national coordination structure. I am not Kenneth White1, and I have choosen to share fast... Read full post

French Technical Guidelines on Metadata of spatial data sets

January 19, 2012 by Marc Leobet   Comments (0)

As I said in the previous note, we have worked on French recommandations about datasets's Metadata. The first issue was the gap between INSPIRE's rules and ISO 19115. Working under the French INSPIRE structure of coordination's umbrella (ie. the CNIG),  with users from various public authorities and some very sharp experts (one was strongly involve in EC Technical guidelines), we tried build a bridge linking legal bank and standard's one.
We have produced recommandations towards software... Read full post

Consultation on the draft of French technical guideline for metadata

October 5, 2011 by Marc Leobet   Comments (0)

During a presentation in Edimburgh, I said that we were producing recommandations for spatial data managers to escape from traps of misunderstanding and I exposed  a regret : it would be better to work with other State members but time is lacking.At least we will try to share it with the others stake holders, specially French speaking ones. So I am happy to announce the launch of a consultation on the draft of our national technical guideline for metadata.
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Thematic seminars about Data Spec (for French speakers...)

August 24, 2011 by Marc Leobet   Comments (0)

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These seminars are organised to share the knowledge between those who have read the data specifications and those who are concerned by, but have not enough time (or English skill!) to dare to open the files.The whole calendar is here.I wish to highlight (as I participate to the organisation, of course!) the following  seminars about :- Area management/restriction/regulation zones and reporting units- Environmental monitoring facilities (see this post for the detailed programm)- Utility and... Read full post

French Governement open IGN data

January 3, 2011 by Marc Leobet   Comments (0)


La ministre française en charge de l'écologie a annoncé, le 23 novembre, que les bases de données IGN (connues sous le nom Référentiel à Grande Échelle, ensemble de données métriques couvrant les routes, les bâtiments, les adresses, les parcelles cadastrales ou l'ortho-imagerie ...) sera gratuites (au coût de livraison près) à partir du 1er Janvier pour l’exercice d’une mission de... Read full post

Formulas for calculating financial penalties

June 28, 2010 by Marc Leobet   Comments (3)



Les formules de calcul des pénalités financières que la Commission peut demander pour la France sont les suivantes :

Somme forfaitaire : Sf = Fbsf x Cg x n x jr
Sf : somme forfaitaire - Fbsf : forfait de base « somme forfaitaire » = 200 € - Cg : coefficient de gravité = de 1 à 20 - n : facteur prenant en compte la capacité de payer de l’Etat membre incriminé (effet dissuasif) = 21,83 - jr : nombre de jours de persistance de l’infraction.

Astreinte Journalière : AJ = Fba x Cg x Cd x... Read full post

Link to my French blog

January 7, 2010 by Marc Leobet   Comments (0)


I invit you to read my posts about INSPIRE, build as a FAQ, on "INSPIRE by Clouds" (In French).