The harmonisation of spatial planning data according to the INSPIRE Directive based on existing best practices in EU regions and municipalities and the results of current research projects is the main focus of the eContentplus project, Plan4all.

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Compatibility of GI Data Licenses.

November 11, 2013 by kcharvat   Comments (0)


seis, gmes, inspire, geoss

We've recognised an important problem with geospatial (open) data licencing. There exist different licences and it is not easy to combine data from various sources with different licences, especially then in the open data domain when data can be reused.
As an example, how to handle licences of a combination of OpenStreetMap and Corine CLC data? Both licences are open, however, there are some differences. And what if there will be another input from other ten open data sources?
We've noticed that this issue is generally known. But we could not find any reasonable answer for this situation, both for the short and long terms.
Any ideas and suggestions?