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INSPIRE Metadata for Dummies, the French guidelines for metadata are in English

June 13, 2014 by Marc Leobet   Comments (2)

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I was surprised, last year, by the success of our "INSPIRE for Dummies". So I decided to translate the new version of our Technical Guidelines for Metadata, edited in December 2013, in English. It was updated after the feedbacks from the Regional SDI, and, I hope, clearer and simpler to use.

I add a "Warning from the translator : this is a rough translation from a document established by the French national coordination structure. I am not Kenneth White1, and I have choosen to share fast this poor translation to allow the community to work with. Please feel free to correct it".

Not so fast but the INSPIRE Conference in Aalborg was my dead line!

So, feel free to correct or to adapt it : it is made to be used. I found no time to create a wiki, but it could be the best thing to do!


The .doc file is here.

The .odt file is here


1 See here and his "Latitudes & Longitudes" (thanks to Tim)

The link is broken. Could you correct it, please?


Giuseppe P.

Giuseppe Procino 1113 days ago

Dear Guiseppe,

the links are OK today. There are in the public part of a https website and with some browsers (Chrome...) there is a warning message which could be blocking.

Marc Leobet 1097 days ago