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Group discussion > OWLizing ISO/TC 211

OWLizing ISO/TC 211

Sven Schade
1871 days ago

For those who are interested in ISO and CEN activities on geospatial information:

There is quite some work happening in ISO, including a project on OWL versions of several ISO standards ( This is part of a longer term work item, which is called ‘Geographic information - Ontology’, which is conveyed by Jean Brodeur and already resulted in a Part 1 documented (‘Geographic information - Ontology - Part 1: Framework’). The Group for Ontology Maintenance (GOM) has been set up recently and it just met for the first time in the last ISO meeting of 2012 (10 December).

The plan is to (1) translate the well-known ISO UML models (General Feature Model, Spatial Schema, Temporal Schema etc.) to OWL and to (2) describe rules for encoding application profiles accordingly. Task #1 has been accomplished with part 1 and #2 is the essence of part 2, which is currently at “Committee Draft” stage.

Simon Cox prepared a subset of the ISO Harmonized Model as OWL ontologies, available as RDF/XML here:

The conversion follows the (draft) rules from ISO 19150-2. In order to be able to publish these through HTTP infrastructure, he had to use an RDF namespace that he has some control over, but otherwise the content generally matches the ISO proposal.

Note that this is a rule-based conversion, and there is no attempt to harmonize with any existing ontologies, merely to represent the ISO UML models into OWL. The thinking is that this provides a formal conversion. Relating it to other OWL ontologies can then be done using RDFS and OWL mechanisms – subClassOf, subPropertyOf, sameAs, etc. These relationships should probably be a distinct resource.

There is also a connection to CEN, because ISO standards automatically become CEN standards (usually with a delay of three month).

So far there is no connection to INSPIRE, mainly because of the group set-up.

If anybody sees a need/possibility for connecting the INSPIRE work or any other European perspective, I would certainly been keen to discuss that further... maybe even feeding this back to ISO as an Annex to 19150-2...