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Group discussion > Inspired by INSPIRE

Inspired by INSPIRE

Patrick Hogan
1858 days ago

Buongiorno Collaborators, Coordinators and Sustainable Maestros and Maestras,

INSPIRE is such a beautiful idea, the infrastructure for spatial information that supports the European Community. If the European Rail Infrastructure Managers (EIM Group) can successfully do this for the European Railway system, we should be able to accomplish the same for spatial information. The EIM goal is to "create an efficient railway network in Europe by promoting interoperability and common standards for railways." Just remove the word "railway" and that is our mission too.

We are very excited for INSPIRE and we look forward to supporting JRC's leadership of the European community in generating sustainable solutions with increasingly cooperative enterprises. The annual Europa Challenge is one example of this, http://eurochallenge.como.polimi.it/

I look forward to advancing our collective efforts together with you in Firenze this June!

-Patrick Hogan


Patrick Hogan
1801 days ago

Ciao! Looking forward to an especially fantastico INSPIRE gathering this year! And don't forget to attend the Europa Challenge back-to-back Workshops on Monday in Room 3. You will not be disappointed.

Some of the best talent in Europe and beyond! have built several open source apps for managing spatial information and they are looking forward to contributing these to the European Community. This is only year one for the Europa Challenge and already it's being highly productive.

-Patrizio Hogan