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Group discussion > Question about the metadata date stamp

Question about the metadata date stamp

1349 days ago


I have a conceptual doubt about the metadata time stamp branch.

When I create a metadata, I write as metadata time stamp the date when the metadata record was created  (branch gmd:MD_Metadata/gmd:dateStamp).

When I modify the resource associated to that metadata, I add to the metadata a new branch with the revision date for the resource (branch //gmd:MD_DataIdentification/gmd:citation/gmd:CI_Citation/gmd:date/gmd:CI_Date).

The question is, is it correct that in the metadata time stamp appears a date previous to the revision date? or should I change the metadata time stamp, that is, generate a new metadata and discard the current one?

Thanks and best regards,

M. Marco


Michael Östling
1348 days ago

The metadata date is not a simple one to define how to use. According to ISO19115 it is the date when metadata was originally created. Inspire has widened the scope so it is defined to document the date metadata was created or updated. If your data has an update frequency that is eg "monthly" and that you then do an update in metadata with a new revision date I would not say that you need to update metadata date. I think only when you do major updates in metadata that you need to update this date.

For our national needs we use the metadata date to document also the last date metadata was revised.  That means the date when someone made a quality assurance that eg contacts are correct, online links are valid and dates are properly set. So even if no actual change was done in metadata we document that on this date metadata was correct. Maybe this is taking the metadata date one more step further than original standard specifies but it is a useful datestamp for us. In the revison of ISO1915 the metadata date is enhanced so that you can have a history of dates and also have diifferent dates for different types of events .

Michael Ostling


Jan Hjelmager
1347 days ago


If you change the date when a dataset or service have been updated, for one reason or another, one could argue that the metadata description have been change and as such also should change the metadata date. I think it can be narrowed down to a discussion how much need to be change before we are having a new metadata description. If I understand the question raised correct.

Jan Hjelmager


Peter Parslow
1265 days ago

In the UK system, you need to update the metadata date if you want the new record to supplant the old one in the national discovery service (& portal), so any time you change the record, you update the date.

I don't think that is inconsistent with 19115:2003 - the definition applies to the instance of the metadata record that you are looking at. Naming it 'dateStamp' implies to me that it would be updated; that's made more explicit in the new 19115-1:2014. More importantly, it's explicit in the INSPIRE Metadata Implementing Rule: 'The date which specifies when the metadata record was created or updated'