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Group discussion > Open data at the Aalborg Conference 2014

Open data at the Aalborg Conference 2014

Paul van Genuchten
1458 days ago

An overview of some of the Open Data tracks at the Aalborg Inspire conference.

This year we had a special track on Open Data. Bastiaan van Loenen reported on research he did of alignment between INSPIRE and the PSI directive (  The danish mapping agency presented a nice overview of their open data efforts and how they are trying to get a grip on the added value of introducing an open license ( Roope Tervo from Finish meteo reported on their open data efforts and how they engage with the Open Source Community to improve the software ( Prodromos Tsiavos enlightened us from the HOMER project on how they get local governments involved in the INSPIRE proces using open data principles

At the 'Finding the data' track François Prunayre and Vincent Bombaerts ( presented a quick overview of the recently relased iso19115-1/3/4 metadata standards and how they are implemented for Belgium in Geonetwork. The new standards provide a number of improvements, some of these better facilitate the open data world. Especcially the usage of a codelist for defining license restrictions is a facilitator. We learned the team of Andrea Perego is working on setting up an ontology match between iso19139+inspire and dcat-ap ( Their report will soon be published for public review. I wonder if this initiative is aware of the work done by François Prunayre (Titelus) and Paul Hasenohr (EEA) in 2012, described at This work introduced a mapping from  iso19139 to DCAT (RDF/XML), at that time DCAT-AP was not available yet. The work by François and Paul was an initial (great) work which we thought was not picked up at a large scale, as not many improvements were suggested over the last couple of years. So it was quite a surpirse to learn in the presentation of Paloma Abad the Spanish Open Data Portal is using the work by François and Paul to publish iso19139 metadata as DCAT in the Spanish Open Data Portal. Paloma mentioned in her presentation some of the challenges of the current iso19139 to DCAT mapping in Geonetwork. I hope in the near future we can align these 3 initiatives and provide an optimal iso19139+INSPIRE mapping to DCAT-AP in GeoNetwork.

Also in the linked data tracks there was quite a lot of interest in Open data. Monica de Martino evaluated some vocabulaires, an open licese was a key indicator ( I presented on how the Open Data movement percieves the INSPIRE as complex and that we should enable simplified channels for our data targetting this audience (