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Group discussion > INSPIRE and recently released iso19115 standards

INSPIRE and recently released iso19115 standards

Paul van Genuchten
1426 days ago

ISO released in april 2014 new versions of the standards for spatial metadata. At the 2014 edition of INSPIRE conference in Aalborg François Prunayre and Vincent Bombaerts presented on how they implemented the new standards in Geonetwork for the Wallonia region, while maintaining complience with INSPIRE technical guidelines, by providing on the fly transformations to iso19139+INSPIRE (

They started with an overview of the recently released iso19115-1/3/4 metadata standards, and the benefits for Wallonia. The new standards provides a number of improvements. For example the integration of iso19110 feature catalog metadata and iso19157 data quality, usage of codelists for defining previously free character values (like usage restrictions) and the notion of a 'point-of-truth' url.

It would be interesting to discuss in this thread if we can agree on a roadmap to move in the direction of implementing the new standards within INSPIRE. And how we can facilitate existing implementations to upgrade exisiting metadata and client applications