In this group issues regarding the use of the GML application schemas are discussed.

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Group discussion > Trouble validating GML Application schemas

Trouble validating GML Application schemas

Wilko Quak
2947 days ago

Hi All,

Today I downloaded the GML application schemas from the data specifications site. One of the first things I tried was testing whether these were valid xml schemas. Validation (with oXygen) fails because there are somehow duplicate <annotation> fields in the schema (with exactly the same text). After removing the duplicates schema validation goes fine. Anyone any idea what is happening here?

Thanks in advance, Wilko Quak


2934 days ago



I found the same issue in all v3.0 schemas. Looks like an export issue with ShapeChange through which the schemas seem to have been generated. I removed all double annotations by hand but definitely this needs to be reported/fixed at the source. Maybe someone on this list knows the channels to report this to the INSPIRE schema authors ?

best, Just van den Broecke


Michael Lutz
2932 days ago

There was an error in the XML schema generation that in some cases
included <annotation> elements twice which causes errors in

This has been fixed (thanks to Clemens Portele). We will publish a new version of the GML application schemas once the changes made during the Inter-service consultation on the Implementing Rule have been incorporated into the common UML repository (hopefully before Christmas).