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Group discussion > INSPIRE and GML Simple Features

INSPIRE and GML Simple Features

Peter Parslow
2176 days ago

Most of the INSPIRE data specifications have GML as their default encoding, so there is a growing collection of GML application schemas related to INSPIRE.

GML Simple Features profile constrains spatial properties to a simple subset of geometry types. The various levels of GML SF also restrict choices for non-spatial properties. Conventionally (i.e. in accordance with the OGC GML SF spec), conformance to the simple features profile is specified in an application schema.

I'm sure I'm not alone is having data that we happily express with the simple geometries, and so far as I have seen, the INSPIRE non-spatial properties would fit in SF 1.

So, is there any way I can indicate that a dataset (GML instance document) conforms to Simple Features level 1, whilst at the same time conforming to an INSPIRE application schema?

Alternatively, is there any desire to develop simple features "versions" of INSPIRE application schemas?

(I've also posted this in LinkedIn's GML & INSPIRE discussions)