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Manuel Treiber
3079 days ago

Hello everybody,

does someone use GeoNetwork to get INSPIRE compliant metadata and CSW?

We are creating an INSPIRE template to extend GeoNetwork so that we can collect INSPIRE compliant metadata.

But how can we achieve that GeoNetwork's CSW is also INSPIRE compliant? We were thinking of a Webservice sitting on top of GeoNetwork, taking the requests and converting them from INSPIRE CSW to CSW 2.02. But what about the queryables? INSPIRE is more demanding and requires more queryable elements than CSW 2.02. Does someone know about anyone who is developing a module for GeoNetwork to achieve INSPIRE compliancy?

Thank you very much in advance,




Ozan Emem
3079 days ago

Some related info



I Think, You may contact Geonetwork developers about that.


2346 days ago

Hi Forum.

I am also trying to build an Inspire metadatat service with geonetwork. If anyone has achieved this and would be available for comments I would be most grateful..German or english is fine,



Robert Buckley



Paul van Genuchten
1458 days ago

Hi Manuel, Ozan, Robert. I just joined this group. I'm one of the developers of geonetwork. Although this is an old thread, I'd welcome any comment on your experiences with the software. Note that we have a major upgrade of the system planned for this fall, GeoNetwork 3.0. We'd appreciate any testing from your side during the release cycle. The current state of the application can already be downloaded here https://github.com/geonetwork/core-geonetwork/tree/stable-develop. Have a look at the improved Admin Screens, as they are considered stable right by now.

To comment on you Robert, the dutch http://nationaalgeoregister.nl is implemented on geonetwork 2.10 and is considered INSPIRE compliant.

Cheers, Paul