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European Union Location Framework - The Study

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European Union Location Framework Study

Running from 2012 to 2014, the European Union Location Framework (EULF) Study is Action 2.13 of the Interoperability Solutions for Public Administrations (ISA) Programme.
The challenge
To realise the potential of location information, coherent and committed action is required, focusing on the needs and expectations of users. There is a need for a harmonising initiative to guide alignment in policy and implementation and ensure that best practices are followed, mistakes are not repeated, barriers are removed and collaboration occurs where appropriate. This is the role of the EULF.

It is driven by user needs and priorities, and targets actions to deliver efficiencies, contribute to growth and jobs, and improve e-services.
This will be achieved through a series of measures focusing on better alignment of European policy involving location information, better integration of location information in public e-services, and improved interoperability and harmonisation of information, to make it easier to develop new public services and foster opportunities for developing businesses.
The context
The ISA programme supports interoperability solutions, sharing and reuse among European Public Administrations through the creation of frameworks, architectures and re-usable components to enable more cost effective e-Government services and support cross-border applications.



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Website: http://ec.europa.eu/isa/actions/02-interoperability-architecture/2-13action_en.htm

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