GEOSS, INSPIRE, GMES, SEIS interoperability issues

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GEOSS, INSPIRE, GMES , SEIS interest group

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GEOSS, INSPIRE, GMES and SEIS share many commonalities, such as their focus on environmental policy support, their system of systems nature, their use of geomatic and geographic information, their Europe- or worldwide dimension, their reliance on international standards and the advanced Spatial Data Infrastructures that are needed for their implementation. At the same time however, each initiative follows its own timeline and approach for technical development, thereby risking to evolve into separate, incompatible services and not profiting from the benefits of a common approach.


Acknowledging the need for concerted effort to harmonise and align activities related to standards and architectural development of GEOSS, GMES and INSPIRE initiatives, the GIGAS FP7 project was set up to carry out a Support Action (SA) aiming at a rapid adoption of standards, protocols, and open architectures in support of the three initiatives.This interest group is set up by the GIGAS project to offer a platform for information and discussion beyond the project's life time (half 2010). Additional initiatives launched after the kick-off of the GIGAS project., such as the SEIS initiative are part of the focus of this group.  

Brief description: GEOSS, INSPIRE, GMES, SEIS interoperability issues

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