October 2012

Consultation on directions for Future and Emerging Technologies research

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As part of the ongoing effort to chart and shape the evolving landscape of future and emerging technologies, FET Proactive  is launching a public consultation to identify promising and potentially game-changing directions for future technological research. The research directions it is  looking for should be more general than an ... (more)

CITI-SENSE another INSPIRE related project

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CITI-SENSE 'Development of sensor-based Citizens' Observatory Community for improving quality of life in cities' project, funded under FP7,  kicked off this month. The aim of the project is to develop “citizens’ observatories” to empower citizens to contribute to and participate in environmental governance, to enable them ... (more)

GRANTHOLDER position on inter-operability at the Joint Research Center (Ispra, Italy)

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JRC advertised on its web site a relevant position for interoperability in maritime at  post-doc (or equivalent) level: See http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/jrc/index.cfm?id=4790 . 2012-IPR-G-30-000-0861         ''Contribution to the development of the Common Information Sharing Environment for the ... (more)

Workshop held on costs and benefits of implementing the INSPIRE

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The Joint Research Centre invited Member State Contact Points to participate in a workshop held in Ispra, Italy, on the 15-16 October. The aim of the workshop was to share experiences in assessing the costs and benefits of implementing the INSPIRE Directive, and discuss possible common approaches to improve the comparability of methods and ... (more)

Safety, Mobility, Sustainability Powered by INSPIRE

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Spatial data are indispensable ingredients for decision making concerning our environment. Powered by the European INSPIRE programme, spatial data under 34 environmental themes is made digitally available for re-use. These data can be connected cross border. How can you, working in the field of Safety, Mobility or Sustainability, ... (more)

├Źndice de temas INSPIRE

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Source: Blog IDEE Índice de los comentarios que se han ido publicando a medida que se han ido desarrollando las especificaciones de datos correspondientes a los temas contenidos en los anexos de la Directiva INSPIRE.http://blog-idee.blogspot.it/2012/10/indice-de-temas-inspire.html

Denmark releases its digital raw material - including geographic data

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As part of its eGovernment Strategy 2013-2016, Denmark has released releases its digital raw material   or Basic Data including geographic data,  providing free access to everyone in the public sector, enterprises and the citizens. The new agreement comprises free access to data from KMS, including all Topographic data, Cadastral ... (more)

New Group and discussion: Digital Earth and Open Innovation Ecosystems

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Digital Earth and Open Innovation Ecosystems This is an open group, for open minded people, to openly debate about proposals and expectations between Digital Earth and Open Innovation Ecosystems communities. Login, join the group and the discussions!  What is (open) innovation? What do the Digital Earth, Geospatial and Environmental ... (more)

Sparx Systems Sponsors INSPIRE Award

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Sparx Systems a leading vendor of modeling tools based on open standards has once again sponsored the CEN/TC 287 Award for Academic Excellence within INSPIRE, which was recently awarded at the INSPIRE conference in Istanbul, Turkey. The award aims to promote academic excellence within the European geospatial community, specifically in the ... (more)

New Report: Charging Practice for Open Data in the EU

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Source: EPSI Platform A new report taking a closer look at the charging practices for PSI re-use in Europe. The provision on charging in the current PSI Directive has been one of the most contested elements of the Directive. Not surprisingly, the debate is intensifying as the proposal for amending the PSI Directive contains considerable ... (more)