November 2013

EU-DEM and hydrographic network Version1 for Europe released

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The Digital Elevation Model over Europe from the DG ENTR Copernicus Reference Data Access project (EU-DEM), is a Digital Surface Model (DSM) representing the first surface as illuminated by the sensors. EU-DEM covers the 39 member and cooperating countries of EEA and has been produced by a consortium formed by Indra, Intermap and AGI. The EU-DEM ... (more)

LIFE goes on: Parliament renews budget line for environmental and climate projects

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The next LIFE programme - the EU's financial instrument supporting environmental and climate action projects carried out by public or private bodies in 2014-2020 – was approved by Parliament on Thursday. As agreed with EU ministers, its budget will increase to €3.1 billion (from €2.2 billion currently) to tackle new tasks and ... (more)

7th Environment Action Programme becomes law

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On the 20th November the  Council and European Parliament signed into law the Decision on a 7th EU Environment Action Programme, which will guide EU policy action on environment and climate policy for the next seven years. This brings to a successful conclusion a process that started 12 months ago when the Commission tabled its proposal. ... (more)

EC to provide free and open access to Copernicus data

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The European Commission will provide free, full and open access to a wealth of important environmental data gathered by Copernicus, Europe's Earth observation system. The new open data dissemination regime, which will come into effect next month, will support the vital task of monitoring the environment and will also help Europe's enterprises, ... (more)

InGeoCloudS project has just released its second newsletter

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InGeoCloudS is a project aiming to implement a cloud-based infrastructure providing efficient and competitive solutions for thepublication, sharing, dissemination and aggregation of Geodata in compliance with European INSPIRE recommendations. InGeoCloudS has just released its second newsletter to tell you everything about the project's ... (more)

Updated INSPIRE Metadata Technical Guidelines

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Updated INSPIRE Metadata Technical Guidelines have been published today. This new version (1.3) clarifies some aspects of the implementation of the discovery metadata elements based on the experience built during the period of implementation 2010-13. It also includes an overview of the Metadata elements for Evaluation and Use defined in the ... (more)

New Project: SWITCH-ON, Open and INSPIREd Water Data

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Source: SMHI International Consulting Service Apps and web services for forecasting and decision support in the event of flooding, water contamination, irrigation and dam control. This is the aim of a European research project coordinated by SMHI. “This is a pilot project that can make European water data more accessible to the general ... (more)