December 2013

The Dutch provinces create the digital building blocks for a better environment.

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The Dutch provinces are custodians of a wealth of information about the environment. Twenty data sets covering topics such as biodiversity, spatial planning, and environment are now made accessible for professional use. A direct driver for making these data sets available is the INSPIRE Directive. The added value of these INSPIRE data sets is ... (more)

New release of the INSPIRE Registry

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A new version of the INSPIRE Registry service has just been released This version now contains four registers: INSPIRE theme register INSPIRE application schema register INSPIRE code list register INSPIRE Feature Concept Dictionary register This last register contains the INSPIRE Feature Concept Dictionary (IFCD), covering all ... (more)

Annex II+III amendment to Implementing Rules on the interoperability of spatial data sets and services published

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On 10th of December, Regulation (EU) No 1253/2013 (the Annex II+III amendment of the Implementing Rules on interoperability of spatial data sets and services) was published in the Official Journal. At the same time the Technical Guidelines for Annex II and III were published on the INSPIRE site. The legal act complements other INSPIRE legal acts ... (more)

Public consultation on INSPIRE Implementation opened today

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The public consultation is to seek the views of the general public and all stakeholders in order to help: Assess whether the actions already underway to establish an Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European     Community according to the INSPIRE directive 2007/2/EC are still on course to meet the objectives ... (more)