January 2015

INSPIRE KEN and the Thematic Clusters on Topographic and Cadastral Reference Data

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The EuroGeographics INSPIRE KEN has established his Work Plan for the year 2015, as a result of the coordination committee meeting in early January (Brussels). Most of the activities of INSPIRE KEN during 2015 will be aligned to the INSPIRE Thematic Clusters: 3rd March 2015: Webinar on the INSPIRE Thematic Clusters - ... (more)

EU survey on Earth observation in a global context

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  Have your say on how to make the most out of Earth observation! The Earth’s atmosphere, oceans and landscapes are changing rapidly, with human activities being a major driver. Monitoring and modelling these changes are critical because they allow governments, society and the private sector to make informed decisions about climate, ... (more)

Testing new releases of the INSPIRE registry and Re3gistry software

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The JRC registry team are happy to announce a new candidate release of the INSPIRE registry and registers, which is based on the v1.0 release candidate of the Re3gistry software. Before officially publishing these, we would like to invite you to participate in the testing of both the content and new functionalities of the service and the ... (more)