Detailed roadmap for INSPIRE data specifications development: Oct 2011 - Oct 2012

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INSPIRE data specifications reached an important milestone in June 2011 with the delivery, by the 19 INSPIRE Thematic Working Groups (TWGs), of the Data Specifications Version 2.0, the launch of the stakeholder consultation and start of testing of the proposed specifications.
It was a difficult task, considering the number, complexity and inter-relations between the 25 themes of Annex II and III, and the dependencies, in many cases, on Annex I data specifications.
The success in reaching this point and respecting the tight deadlines was thanks to the expertise, dedication and commitment of all the experts involved and the support they received from their organisations.  The European Commission INSPIRE team warmly thanks all organisations and experts that made this achievement possible.
But there is still work to be done!

With the end of the consultation and testing period on the 21stof October 2011, the Thematic Working Groups and European Commisson INSPIRE Team will start the important and final phase of the INSPIRE Data Specification development: Delivery of Version 3.0 of the Data Specifications and the preparation of the Implementing Rules for Annexes II and III.

Below is an outline roadmap for the period October 2011 - October 2012
Please note that the dates we put here for the Inter-Service Consultation (European Commission) and for the Inspire Committee meeting are indicative.

Roadmap  October 2011 – October 2012
Comment resolution: 24th October 2011– 27 January 2012
During this period the TWGs will be analyzing and responding to the comments received from the consultation and testing and incorporating identified modifications to the next version of the Data Specifications.  A dedicated Comment Resolution Workshop will take place at the JRC in Ispra, Italy, from the 5th – 7th December 2011.
Preparation of Data Specifications v2.9: 27 January  - 27 February 2012
Internal revision Data Specifications v2.9: 27 Feb- 23 March 2012
This work will involve the TWGs, DS Drafting Team and JRC data specification team.  The work will include checking the coherence between themes, identifying inconsistencies and errors and needs for harmonization between themes.  Each TWG will then implement any revisions identified to the specifications according to an agreed procedure.
Preparation Data Specifications v3.0 Release Candidate: 26 March – 20 April 2012
The main task for the TWGs will be to finalise and deliver the Data Specifications v3.0, in April 2012. 
Preparing draft Implementing Rule:23 April- 29 June 2012.
The European Commission is responsible for this task.  During the drafting stage changes to the Data Specifications may be requested. The expertise of the TWGs will be required in assisting the European Commission to prepare the draft IR to be submitted to the Inter-Service Consultation and to the consultation of IC Members.
European Commission Inter-Service Consultation: 02- 27 July 2012
Consultation of INSPIRE Committee Members: 02-27 July 2012
Draft IR: 03-21 September 2012
The European Commission is responsible for this task with support from TWGs.  After the Inter-Service and INSPIRE Committee consultations the European Commission will update the draft IR taking into consideration the comments and feedback received.
INSPIRE Committee meeting: expected date late October 2012