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eLearning Self Paced GML Fundamentals Course

November 10, 2011 by Ian Painter   Comments (0)



Snowflake has converted its popular GML Fundamentals training course into an online self paced eLearning course. The first 10 registered users get the course for 10 GBP / Euro / USD with all proceeds going to Snowflake's favoured charity Soft Power Education (an NGO that supports health and education projects in Busoga, the part of Uganda where our company chairman Peter used to live).

This self paced eLearning course on the Geography Markup Language (GML) provides you with essential background to help you understand the fundamental building block on which the INSPIRE Annex 1, 2 and 3 themes are built. Covering ...

  • Core OGC Standards used in INSPIRE
  • Core ISO TC211 Standards
  • The GML Standard
  • Building GML Application Schema
  • Profiles
  • GML in OGC-web services
  • Examples of Adopted GML Application Schema

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