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Geohosting is a complex system composed of single components-applications. These components are integrated into one fully functional system. This complex system enables easy creation and publication of new map compositions. It enables you to work not only with your own geographic data but also through web services with external geographic data. The number of available online data sources is still increasing. The advantage is that original data stay at the level where they are collected and maintained. Therefore there is no duplication of data. Up-to-date source data guarantee up-to-date map compositions.

Primary licence for GeoHosting is Open Source edition GNU/GPL version 3. The primary goal of GeoHosting Living Lab Licensing Model is to further GeoHosting evolution and community grow. Many people, SMEs and industries want to use GeoHosting, and contribute back to it. The GPL force them to open all their products, where GeoHosting are integrate. The Living Lab licensing model will allow those types of organizations to contribute back substantially, not forcing them to release all their source code where GeoHosting are used. In case, you would like to use GeoHosting in your project but for some reason, you are unable to accept GNU/GPL license conditions, contact us (charvat at ccss dot cz). The concrete agreement will be signed; the fee will guarantee future GeoHosting grow.

https://trac.geohosting.cz/core - Geohosting Core
https://trac.geohosting.cz/authorize - Authorize
https://trac.geohosting.cz/dataman - Dataman
https://trac.geohosting.cz/mapman - Mapman

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