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INSPIRE maintenance and implementation group (MIG) kick-off meeting

imageOn 14 October 2013, the INSPIRE maintenance and implementation group (MIG) held its kick-off meeting in Copenhagen. The MIG consists of representatives of the EU Member States, candidate and accession countries and EFTA countries. Its main tasks will be to

  • bring about an exchange of experience and good practice related to the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive and the Implementing Rules;
  • identify and give advice about the priority issues to be addressed in the maintenance of the INSPIRE Directive, Implementing Rules and/or Technical Guidance documents;
  • identify issues related to INSPIRE implementation (including, but not limited to, technologies, standards, methods, coherence across INSPIRE chapters and communication measures to be adopted) and advise the Commission on how to address them; and
  • prepare and regularly update the rolling work programme for INSPIRE maintenance and implementation (based on issues and change requests submitted by INSPIRE stakeholders) to be agreed by the INSPIRE Committee and the Commission

The MIG will be complemented by a pool of experts drawn from the stakeholder community. The experts in this pool will be called upon when MIG sub-groups are formed to address specific implementation or maintenance issues, but will also provide the opportunity to reach out to experts involved or interested in particular aspects of INSPIRE implementation or maintenance. The open-ended call is open to all individuals with a high level of expertise in one or several of the aspects relevant for INSPIRE implementation and maintenance. 

imageThe kick-off meeting was attended by 47 representatives from 28 countries, the EEA and the Commission. The main topics discussed were the role, organisation and working procedures of the MIG as well as intial proposals for the work programme. The meeting showed a good mix of expertise / interest among the  MIG representatives, covering all INSPIRE components and INSPIRE cross-cutting and architectural issues as well as related topics such as open data, relationships between INSPIRE and e-government. 

For more information on the INSPIRE maintenance and implementation process and to register for the pool of experts, visit http://inspire.ec.europa.eu/mif.

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