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New version Re3gistry software



New version of Re3gistry software released

The ARE3NA (A Reusable INSPIRE Reference Platform) project has just published a new version of the Re3gistry software (v0.2), an open source tool for managing any registers of reference codes from any domain. In support of INSPIRE, an instance of the Re3gistry has been created as the INSPIRE Registry service. This service is offering access to reference versions of three registers: for INSPIRE application schemas, INSPIRE themes and INSPIRE code lists, with tools to aid transformation such as the Humboldt Alignment Editor (HALE) recently making use of the new service.

Funded by the Interoperability Solutions for European Public Administrations (ISA) Programme, ARE3NA is developing ‘missing items’ (e.g. software and guidelines) that support both INSPIRE implementation and cross-sector and cross-border e-government activities associated with ISA.  

Next steps:

As well as some bug fixing, the new of the Re3gistry now offers increased multilingual functionality, including improved import and export functions and a multilingual user interface based on translations provided by Member State experts. Searching has also been improved through better filtering, sorting and table pagination that lists register items (for the HTML user interface). Improvements have also been made to some of the organisation of the content by allowing users to discover the hierarchy and parentage between a code list and code list values. In addition, tools have been added to support a ZIP Import, allowing bulk uploads of relevant codes.

Plans are now underway for the development of v0.3 of the Re3gistry and feedback is sought on bugs and potential areas of development via the service website’s feedback tool [2]. A meeting in early 2014 is also being planned to identify other relevant registries in the Member States and European organisations, how connections can be made between them and the Re3gistry and how this work can be made more sustainable beyond the open source version that is on JoinUp [1]. This discussion will involve both theINSPIRE Maintenance and Implementation Group (MIG) and the newly formed ISA Spatial Information and Services Working Group, helping to support development inside INSPIRE and build bridges meeting e-government needs.

Tell Are3na about missing items!

The development of this software not only provides useful reference material for INSPIRE implementation but also a series of easily referenced key terms that can be adopted in a number of e-government activities, producing additional ‘semantic assets’ that ARE3NA could help share with other interoperability communities through ISA’s JoinUp platform. The INSPIRE and ISA/interoperability communities are invited to tell ARE3NA more about missing items and opportunities for development from both the INSPIRE and e-government perspective, as well as examples software/guidelines being used to support INSPIRE implementation, via the ARE3NA survey.


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