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Since 2005 I work at the  Digital Earth and Reference Data Unit , European Commission-  Joint Research Centre. The  Unit is responsible for the technical coordination of the INSPIRE Directive, aimed at creating and infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe.

Within the Unit Max has been responsible for  the development of the INSPIRE Implementing Rules for Metadata, and for research on the  impact assessment of SDIs and INSPIRE. He also co-edited the INSPIRE mid-term evaluation report in 2014.

Max was the technical coordinator of EuroGEOSS project ( an Integrated Project developing INSPIRE-compliant GEOSS Operating Capacity in three thematic areas: Drought, Biodiversity/Protected Areas, and Forestry. He was also the  Scientific coordinator of the GEO Weather, Ocean, Water project (GEOWOW) which extended the approaches developed in EuroGEOSS to these other 3 thematic areas. During the last 3 years, he has led projects on citizens science in the area of forest fires, and the use of civilian drones to collect environmental information. In 2014 he led a project to identify new indicators of urban sustainability and quality of life (QoL) combining quantitative and qualitative information from citizens and official sources.

Max has been a  member of GEOSS Science & Technology Committee, and the GEOSS Data Sharing task Force.

Max was one of the founders and  Chief editor of the International Journal of Spatial Data Infrastructures Research (, and  was also one of the founders of the Vespucci Initiative for the Advancement of Geographic Information Science (

In his Previous Life:


Senior Lecturer in Information Management, Dept. Town & Regional Planning, University of Sheffield. PI of one the ESRC e-social science pilot projects. Director of the Sheffield Centre for Geographic Information and Spatial Analysis, and of EC-funded Geographic Information Network in Europe. Editor for the Extended Impact Assessment of the INSPIRE initiative of the EC (2003-04). Chair of European Special Interest Group of the AGI.


Lecturer in GIS and Information Management, Dept. Town & Regional Planning, University of Sheffield and Co-ordinator of the European Science Foundation’s GISDATA scientific programme. I was also Director of the EC-funded Project on Methods for Access to Data and Metadata in Europe.

Even before that:


Urban and Regional planner with the United Nations’ Department for Technical Cooperation and Development, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Max has a degree in Civil Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano, Italy, a MPhil in Urban & Regional Planning , University of Edinburgh, and a PhD in GIS and Planning, University of Sheffield.




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