Brief description: the boom of geographic data is started, we expect soon the one of spatial information



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About me

I’m a city planner, I studied at university local and regional planning, with the application of GIS software. I’m part of a young and proactive team that studies and plans, together with the PA and private, how to use our land and environment in a sustainable way. I used GIS software in many works, first of all for the land analisys of Autostrada Pedemontana Lombarda (http://www.pedemontana.com ). During this study I did management, cognitive analysis and mapping of the entire route of 80km. Secondly I created a new methodological approach collecting different models already used in other areas, in order to define a model for territorial survey using new indicators. I used this kind of survey before for the Province of Cremona, then the Province of Mantua (http://www.provincia.mantova.it/context_docs.jsp?ID_LINK=428&area=8); the theme to be analyzed was in both cases, the rural landscape, but, in the first case, we highlighted the vocative nature of the soils for agricultural production (by applying statistical methods of probability), while, in the second one, the target was the countryside landscape and we created a map of the scenarios to guide public policies. Today I'm busy with local planning, which in my area had a radical change with the introduction of a new regional law in 2005: all municipalities must abandon the old General Plan and establish a new Plan with GIS systems. I developed during this work, together with the other team members, a dynamic model "on the fly " with a reporting and production of maps, of virtually everything you want to see and know.



   Piergiorgio Roveda - Pianificazione territoriale

   "il boom dei dati geografici è in corso, aspettiamoci quello delle informazioni spaziali"


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