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INSPIRE-based data model in the KLIP Digital platform

...€10 to FGIA in KLIP. Data and application integration solutions ARE3NA (Action 1.17 of the ISA...e a similar story you would like to share with us, please contact us at are3na@jrc.europa.eu and let us know...

735 days ago

Call for public review: EC Working Group seeks feedback on GeoDCAT-AP specification and XSLT

...alignment exercise between the INSPIRE metadata elements and DCAT-AP in the framework of ISA Action 1.17 (Re-usable INSPIRE reference platform- ARe3NA). This work is continued in t...

980 days ago

INSPIRE Interactive Data Specification Toolkit V1.0

...s.This application was developed in the framework of the official EU INSPIRE Maintenance and Implementation Framework (MIF) and was supported by ARE3NA, Action 1.17 of the EU ISA Pr...

1051 days ago

Re3ference Platform roadmap

Work has recently started on creating a 'reference platform' as part of ARE3NA's work to support INSPIRE implementation and reuse. The platform will host inventories of useful informa...

1065 days ago

New releases of the Re3gistry software and INSPIRE Registry service

We are happy to announce new releases of the INSPIRE registry service (release 5) and the Registry software (v1.0). For more information on these developments and the software, please visit JoinUp.

1066 days ago

ARE3NA explores the use of INSPIRE data models for cross-border emergencies

ARE3NA has explored the reuse of INSPIRE data models to aid the protection critical i...ls on the report can be found on JoinUp https://joinup.ec.europa.eu/community/are3na/document/use-inspire-data-mod...

1149 days ago

ARE3NA explores mobile app development

ARE3NA has explored the development of mobile apps in the geology community in Europe...ls on the report can be found on JoinUp https://joinup.ec.europa.eu/community/are3na/document/reusable-tools-smart...

1149 days ago

Call for participation for the INSPIRE MIG temporary sub-group on download services for observation data

...vation data  is now open. The main objectives of the sub-group on download services for observation data are to take over the results of the ARE3NA study on an SOS-based INSPIR...

1241 days ago

v0.4 of the Re3gistry

ARE3NA has just published v0.4 of the Re3gistry software, the tool that powers the INSPIRE Registry. More details of the software release and the tool itself can be found at this link: https://joinup.ec.europa.eu/community/are3na/news/version-04-re3gistry-has-just-been-released

1253 days ago

Research articles about reusable geospatial data- call for papers

...apers will, amongst other topics, illustrate current and potential areas for reuse of the geospatial datasets. Such examples could contribute to ARE3NA's existing evidence base abou...

1321 days ago