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smeSpire training

In the frame of the smeSpire training initiatives, Spatial Applications Division of KU Leuven (SADL) just launched an intense program of seminars (introduction, advanced and innovation seminars), which will take place in Leuven from Autumn 2013 to Spring 2014. From Ocober until April a number...

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1599 days ago

smeSpire Training: Basics of INSPIRE Data and service sharing

Basics of INSPIRE Data and service sharing - by Clare Hadley (Ordnance Survey) Setting the scene – data and service sharing in the EU and in the INSPIRE Directive(Slides) INSPIRE IR on data and service sharing and guidance (Slides) Practical impleme...

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1602 days ago

Review of guidance documents for INSPIRE data and service sharing

The Regulation on ‘access to spatial data sets and services of the Member States by Community institutions and bodies under harmonised conditions’ was published in March 2010, followed by Guidance on the Regulation a Good Practice Guide. The content of the Guidance and Good Pract...

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2506 days ago

Group of the month: INSPIRE Data and Service Sharing

INSPIRE Data and Service Sharing Solving organisational issues is the key to success The main goal of INSPIRE is to make spatial data sets and services from public authorities more accessible. Data and service sharing is one of the major challenges in INSPIRE. In this case it is no...

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2821 days ago

Sven Schade

My work focuses on knowledge extraction from (big) data by using geospatial analytics, multi-disciplinary interoperability, and open innovation. The underlying interests include (i) research on Citizen Science and the Internet of Things, (ii) policy, especially Responsible Research and Innovaiton...

Interests: knowledge extraction and transfer, interoperability, open innovation, open science, data and service sharing, future observation web, digital earth

71 days ago

INSPIRE Site: Data and Service Sharing section

INSPIRE Site: Data and Service Sharing section

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3023 days ago