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INSPIRE Data Specifications Annex I

Since the INSPIRE Data Specifications Special Interest Group is only covering Annex II and III, let's have a group to discuss Annex I.  Please share your thoughts (problems or successes) with following it.

Interests: data specifications, annex i

2404 days ago

INSPIRE Data Preparation and Storage

How are you preparing your data to meet INSPIRE Data Specifications?  How are you storing your INSPIRE data for distribution?

Interests: inspire, data specifications, storage, etl, preparation

2404 days ago

Steffen G.

Interests: metadata, csw, iso 19xxx, data specifications

949 days ago

Gonzalo Moreno

Name: Gonzalo Moreno. Degree: Geodesy and Cartography Engineer - Politechnical University of Jaén (Spain). Título de Experto Universitario en Evaluación de la Calidad de la Información Geográfica - University of Jaén (Spain).  

Interests: geographic information, data specifications, standards, inspire, quality management systems, iso 19100, spatial data quality

2458 days ago


During the last few years I have been working on a variety of INSPIRE related projects. My main focus is the data transformation and harmonization with FME. If you have any questions or like to discuss INSPIRE data harmonization in general I am happy to if you contact me.

Interests: spatial etl, schema mapping + transformation, data specifications, gml

1396 days ago

INSPIRE Annex II+III Data Specification Testing

This group is dedicated to the INSPIRE Annex II+III themes data specification testing process. Membership in this group is restricted to the SDICs and LMOs registered via Call for participants for data specifications testing of INSPIRE Annex II and III. Members of this group can click on the fol...

Interests: inspire annex ii+iii, interoperability of spatial data and services, data specifications, testing, inspire annex ii+iii data specification testing

2103 days ago

Jordi Escriu

Name Jordi Escriu. Degree Geodesy and Cartography Engineering - Politechnical University of Madrid (SPAIN); Surveying Engineering - Politechnical University of Madrid (SPAIN); MSc European Master in Geographic Information Science (EUROGI-UNIGIS) - University of Girona (SPAIN) & Univer...

Interests: geographic information, gis, geography, data specifications, standards, gi modelling, uml, harmonization, inspire, quality management systems, iso 9001, spatial data quality

1230 days ago