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smeSpire video: Concrete steps towards business opportunities for Geo-ICT SMEs

Watch the video of the smeSpire project, available on the home page of the project website www.smespire.eu or on the smeSpire YouTube channel (accessible from the same home page).

Tags: smes, geomatics, geo-ict, inspire, smespire, seis, gmes, geoss, eulf

1918 days ago

GeoCAT - New App for Open Access to Geospatial services is available

HS-CAT We would like to inform you that the name of our metadata client for smart phones was renamed because the similar name was already being used by Jeroen Ticheler’s company - GeoCAT. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience that this coincidence may have caused to Jeroen a...

Tags: inspire, geoss, gmes, android

1933 days ago

SuperCAT The Way to Open Geospatial Services

Full article you can read on http://www.habitats.cz/supercat Are you interested in SDI interoperability? Do you want to support open access to geospatial services? Is your interest to make existing OGC services more accessible? We would like to support voluntary SDI initiatives by our catal...

Tags: inspire, sdi, geoss, gmess, future, neogeography, vgi, reference laboratory

1951 days ago

Habitats moderated discussion

During Tuesday 22nd of February I am planning three moderated discussions of HABITATS social network. I would like invite you to join our social network and participate on our discussions. I would like discuss three themes related to HABITATS and its future. The selected themes are: Future of S...

Tags: inspire, sdi, geoss, gmess, future, neogeography, vgi, reference laboratory

1951 days ago

GEOSS Discovery and Access Broker and Eye on Earth

Interoperability test between the GEOSS Common Infrastructure and the European Environment Agency's Eye on Earth platform using the Discovery and Access Broker developed in the EuroGEOSS project. The test uses as example forest fires in a national park in Portugal and shows how data from hete...

Tags: geoss, eye on earth, broker, eurogeoss

2135 days ago

Report on promoting the GENESIS technology in the GEOSS AIP initiatives

This document describes the contribution of components from both the GENESIS solution and theproject’s research activities in the context of GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot, phase 3(AIP-3). In particular, components from GENESIS were successfully applied in three pilots onenergy, bi...


2384 days ago

Current status INSPIRE, GEOSS, SEIS

This document outlines the current status of the INSPIRE Directive implementation and the development of its associated Implementing Rules, the Shared Environmental Information System (SEIS) and the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS), and gives an overview on overall strategy of G...


2384 days ago

EnviroGrids URM GeoPortal

EnviroGrids implement  URM based GeoPortal supporting access to EnviroGrids data. Portal is registered as part of GEOSS infrastructure.  

Tags: geoss, inspire

2386 days ago

GEOSS for Biodiversity video

The European Commission's Joint Research Centre contributes to the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS), Common Infrastructure in supporting policy and research related to biodiversity. The video shows an example of using global data and models available on the web to identify u...

Tags: geoss, global earth observation system of system, gip, geoss common infrastructure, biodiversity, jrc

2386 days ago