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Reporting of Air Quality Plans and Programs in Europe: Guidelines for INSPIRE compliant data transmission

The EEA Member countries have obligations to report on the assessment and management of ambient air quality on a regular basis. The data sharing obligations are thoroughly defined in the Commission Implementing decision (IPR) of 12 December 2011 laying down rules for Directives 2004/107/EC ...

Tags: inspire, air quality, guidelines, plans and programs

1302 days ago

INSPIRE Metadata for Dummies, the French guidelines for metadata are in English

I was surprised, last year, by the success of our "INSPIRE for Dummies". So I decided to translate the new version of our Technical Guidelines for Metadata, edited in December 2013, in English. It was updated after the feedbacks from the Regional SDI, and, I hope, clearer and simpler to use. I a...

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1469 days ago

Updated INSPIRE Metadata Technical Guidelines

Updated INSPIRE Metadata Technical Guidelines have been published today. This new version (1.3) clarifies some aspects of the implementation of the discovery metadata elements based on the experience built during the period of implementation 2010-13. It also includes an overview of the Metadat...

Tags: metadata, guidelines, updated, inspire

1688 days ago

Availability of updated Technical Guidance documents for INSPIRE Discovery and View Services

The Initial Operating capability Task Force has updated the Technical Guidelines for Discovery and View Services and has approved version 3.0 as a stable version of these documents. The Initial Operating Capability Task Force (IOC TF) was set up in May 2009 to help and support the impleme...

Tags: ioc tf, view, discovery, services, guidelines, 3.0, initial operating capability task force

2640 days ago

Guidelines Monitoring Template v.2.0

Distributed: 2010-03-25 Guidelines for filling in the Excel Template for Monitoring INSPIRE by the contributing authorities

Tags: Guidelines, INSPIRE, Monitoring, Indicators

2996 days ago