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Sharing environment monitoring data; Benefits, barriers and future standards

The UK Environmental Observation Framework and the UK Location Programme would like to...ders and users of environmental data to a one-day INSPIRE-ing event to share knowledge...barriers and opportunities of implementing the EU INSPIRE Annex...

1964 days ago

INSPIRE Annex II and III Specifications WS

The objective of the workshop is to share experience about the review and testing of INSPIRE specifications for the themes of annexes II and III that are generally provided by NMCAs, namely Elevation (EL), Ortho-imag...

2428 days ago

Workshop: Implementing the INSPIRE Directive SDI for Coastal/Marine Communities

This 3 ½ hour workshop presents the main developments relating to implementation of the pan‐European SDI – INSPIRE ‐ covering metadata creation,...armonized data specifications for the Annex I, II and III data themes of...to date on the latest developments on INSPIR...

2490 days ago

ESDIN closing workshop - The European Location Framework Geospatial Reference Data and Services for INSPIRE

Results of the ESDIN project where 21 partners explain best practices on implementing Annex I specs and download services for the large, medium and small scales including generalization, edge-matching, UIDs, pricing and licensing, quality evaluation, security

2626 days ago