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MIG sub-groups on metadata and validation & conformity testing to kick off

Two of the priority actions for INSPIRE maintenance and implementation, the work on an update of the Metadata Technical Guidelines and on commonly agreed validation rules and tools, will be kicking off in November. The work on both actions will take place in dedicated MIG sub-groups. Experts who ...

Tags: maintenance and implementation, mig, technical guidelines, metadata, validation and conformity testing

1344 days ago

Alignment of INSPIRE metadata with DCAT-AP

Tags: inspire, metadata, alignment, dcat, dcat-ap, rdf, linked data, isa, are3na

1455 days ago

INSPIRE Metadata for Dummies, the French guidelines for metadata are in English

I was surprised, last year, by the success of our "INSPIRE for Dummies". So I decided to translate the new version of our Technical Guidelines for Metadata, edited in December 2013, in English. It was updated after the feedbacks from the Regional SDI, and, I hope, clearer and simpler to use. I a...

Tags: inspire, metadata, guidelines

1469 days ago

Updated INSPIRE Metadata Technical Guidelines

Updated INSPIRE Metadata Technical Guidelines have been published today. This new version (1.3) clarifies some aspects of the implementation of the discovery metadata elements based on the experience built during the period of implementation 2010-13. It also includes an overview of the Metadat...

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1688 days ago


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1308 days ago

The web portal of Italian Catalogue for Spatial Data is online

Since yesterday, the portal of National Catalogue for Spatial Data (RNDT – Repertorio Nazionale dei Dati Territoriali), is online. The RNDT, the Italian metadata Catalogue, has been established by the Digital Administration Code (Legislative Decree n. 82/2005) in 2005. Then, the RNDT ...

Tags: metadata, inspire, rndt, discovery

2267 days ago

ADMS version 0.9 is now available on Joinup for consultation

Source: https://joinup.ec.europa.eu/blog/adms-version-09-now-available-joinup-consultation The Asset Description Metadata Schema (ADMS) is a common way to describe semantic interoperability assets, it is the semantics of semantics.  ADMS version 0.9 is now available on Joinup:https://j...

Tags: ec, isa, egov, interoperability, adms, semantic asset, metadata

2275 days ago

ISA Deliverable: The vision for an enhanced software description metadata schema and software catalogue for e-Government

Source: https://joinup.ec.europa.eu/elibrary/document/isa-deliverable-vision-enhanced-software-description-metadata-schema-and-software-   The Interoperability Solutions for European Public Administrations (ISA) Programme of the European Commission currently encourages public administ...

Tags: ec, isa, egov, interoperability, adms.f/oss, software asset, metadata

2275 days ago