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Interests: inspire, atom, xml, metadata, wms, wfs, wps, sos

1277 days ago

Steffen G.

Interests: metadata, csw, iso 19xxx, data specifications

980 days ago

GS Soil

GS Soil aims at establishing a Best Practice Network dealing with a cluster of the data themes listed in the Annexes I to III of the INSPIRE Directive (2007/2/EC) and focused on soil related issues. The establishment of the soil thematic strategy and the new transboundary EU approach for pro...

Interests: soil, data harmonisation, metadata

2559 days ago

HABITATS - Social Validation of INSPIRE Annex III Data Structures in EU Habitats

Project financed by the European Commission where social validation plays a relevant role in the definition of INSPIRE Annex III themes 16, 17, 18 and 19 data structures, metadata and services. Through the application of user engagement strategies, end users and stakeholders can actively p...

Interests: social validation, impact assessment, usage scenarios, data structures, metadata, services, ...

2559 days ago

Italian INSPIRE Interest Group

The Italian INSPIRE Interest Group is a forum to encourage the discussion about the implementation of the INSPIRE directive at the national level. The goal is to enhance the implementation of the national SDI and the enforcement of the Inspire directive, and to encourage partners to particip...

Interests: metadata, interoperability, sdi, nsdi, standard

2559 days ago

carme olivella

I am a chemist working in cartography, possibly related to my work in environmental protection. Now , I am worknig in protection of night  from light pollution. I work in Enviroment Department of the Regional Government of Catalonia ( the Generalitat)

Interests: metadata, cartography, environmental protection

2894 days ago


Interests: geodäsie, geoinformation, stadtplan münsterland, freizeitkataster, metadata

2588 days ago

Arnulf Christl

Studies of Geography, Informatics and Media Sciences at the Phillipps University of Marburg in Germany, University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada and Friedrich Wilhelm University Bonn, Germany. Founder and CEO of the privately owned business CCGIS from 1998 to 2006. Co-founder of the non-profit ...

Interests: sdi, metadata, technology, architecture

2384 days ago

Metadata and XML schema related issues

In this group issues regarding the use of 19139 metadata schemas or other related schemas are discussed.

Interests: metadata, iso 19115, iso 19119, 19139

2559 days ago

Arnulf Christl

Arnulf Christl is an open standards open source software geospatial systems architect. He is consultant for planning, implementing and operating spatial data infrastructures and geo portals. He is president of the Open Soure Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) and member of the Open Geospatial Conso...

Interests: sdi, open source, free software, public access, metadata, standards

3085 days ago