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smeSpire training

In the frame of the smeSpire training initiatives, Spatial Applications Division of KU Leuven (SADL) just launched an intense program of seminars (introduction, advanced and innovation seminars), which will take place in Leuven from Autumn 2013 to Spring 2014. From Ocober until April a number...

Tags: smespire, training, inspire basics, data and service sharing, network services

1599 days ago

Knowledge Exchange Network Interviews now Online

The INSPIRE Knowledge Exchange Network (KEN) hosted a very interesting workshop in Paris in early October. In the workshop, we agreed to use the data harmonisation panel as a platform to communicate and to exchange best practices following the workshop. As a first step, I am currently conducting ...

Tags: ken, inspire, hale, fme, schema transformation, network services, best practices, interview

1624 days ago

INSPIRE Requirements on Network Services: Differences between EU and Swiss legislation on services

INSPIRE Requirements on Network Services Differences between EU and Swiss legislation on services In June 2012 a study was executed on the legal requirements for Geo Web services in the EU and in Switzerland. The available documents on EU and Swiss legislation were compared and recommenda...

Tags: inspire, switzerland, network services, difference

1840 days ago

INSPIRE Network Services Tutorial

A tutorial on INSPIRE Network services is now available at: http://inspire-forum.jrc.ec.europa.eu/pg/pages/view/87055/inspire-network-services-tutorial      

Tags: tutorial, network services

2218 days ago

Tutorial on INSPIRE Network Services: Part 1

Tags: Network services, ioc, implementing rules, Initial Operating Capability, architecture, geoportal

2219 days ago

INSPIRE Network Services Special Interest Group

Interests: inspire, network services, discovery, view, download, transform, invoke

2219 days ago

Benjamin Schnitzer

Interests: monitoring and reporting, indikators, network services, dataspec

1420 days ago

INSPIRE Schema Transformation Network Service video (Fran├žais)


Tags: schema transformation network service, schema, transformation, video, network services, standards

2677 days ago

INSPIRE Solutions from Snowflake

Tags: inspire, network services, direct access, wfs, standards, open, snowflake, go publisher, ogc, solutions

2768 days ago

Snowflake delivers first practical WFS 2.0 implementation

A team from Snowflake Software has successfully demonstrated the first practical implementation of the upcoming OGC WFS-T 2.0 specification within the aviation strand of the OGC OWS-7 testbed. The additional features that the new standard adds to GO Publisher means that, as well as being a...

Tags: inspire, network services, direct access, wfs, standards, open, snowflake, go publisher, ogc

2800 days ago