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SDI4Apps is building a cloud-based platform with open API for data integration and access. The project draws along the lines of INSPIRE, Copernicus and GEOSS and aspires to build a WIN-WIN strategy for building a successful business for hundreds of SMEs on the basis of European spatial data in...

Interests: linked data, open land use, sensor network, open api, open data, sdi4apps

919 days ago

INSPIRE and Open Data

In recent years we've seen a lot of interest in Open Data. INSPIRE is generally considered as an early and important initiative in this area. In this group we can discuss use of open licenses, file formats that are accepted by the open data community (CSV, GeoJSON, RDF) and metadata profiles in u...

Interests: open data, semantic web, linked open data, dcat, geojson, csv, creative commons, accessibility

1457 days ago

Paul van Genuchten

I'm a software engineer at GeoCat BV Bennekom The Netherlands. Our core products are GeoNetwork OpenSource, GeoCat Bridge and GeoCat Live (a hosted INSPIRE environment). Besides development at GeoCat I'm hired by GeoNovum 25% of my time to assist Dutch data providers in their INSPIRE implementati...

Interests: data discovery, semantic web, open data

1156 days ago

Morten Lind

Interests: address data, buildings, spatial reference data, cost benefit analysis, sdi, inspire, e-gov, psi, open data

2235 days ago