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SuperCAT The Way to Open Geospatial Services

Full article you can read on http://www.habitats.cz/supercat Are you interested in SDI interoperability? Do you want to support open access to geospatial services? Is your interest to make existing OGC services more accessible? We would like to support voluntary SDI initiatives by our catal...

Tags: inspire, sdi, geoss, gmess, future, neogeography, vgi, reference laboratory

1888 days ago

Habitats moderated discussion

During Tuesday 22nd of February I am planning three moderated discussions of HABITATS social network. I would like invite you to join our social network and participate on our discussions. I would like discuss three themes related to HABITATS and its future. The selected themes are: Future of S...

Tags: inspire, sdi, geoss, gmess, future, neogeography, vgi, reference laboratory

1889 days ago

Habitats Reference Laboratory is moving to Liferay

To make Habitats Reference Laboratory compatible with recommended Habitats networking architecture, we move reference laboratory into Liferay environment. See on http://www.habitats.cz. We believe that this environment will open new possibilities for Geospatial portals

Tags: geoportal, liferay, reference laboratory

2354 days ago

Habitats Reference Laboratory

HABITATS extends  user-centric, co-design approaches into the arena of standards design and adoption processes, considering standards initiatives such as INSPIRE, OGC, UNSDI to be significant social, economic and institutional innovations. The elements of approach are maintained, applying...

Tags: habitats, sdi, reference laboratory, data harmonisation

2651 days ago