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Open Land Use Map

Tags: land use, open data, sdi4apps

840 days ago


Please check the SDI4Apps RSS news channel for the latest news.

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891 days ago

Smart Points of Interest

Open and seamless SPOI data set, which is based on Linked data principles, contains over 4 million Points of Interest important for tourism from Europe and Africa.

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891 days ago

SDI4Apps Flyer

A description of the SDi4Apps project and in particular its 6 pilot applications including: Pilot 1 – Easy Access Pilot Pilot 2 – Open Smart Tourist Data Pilot 3 – Open Sensor Network Pilot 4 – Open Land Use Map Through VGI Pilot 5 – Open INSPIRE4Youth Pilot ...

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891 days ago


SDI4Apps is building a cloud-based platform with open API for data integration and access. The project draws along the lines of INSPIRE, Copernicus and GEOSS and aspires to build a WIN-WIN strategy for building a successful business for hundreds of SMEs on the basis of European spatial data in...

Interests: linked data, open land use, sensor network, open api, open data, sdi4apps

891 days ago